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I was born and grew up in Lincoln City Oregon, where I first fell in love with music. I started playing guitar in the third grade and haven't stopped since. When I hit High School I moved to Eugene, Oregon in the Willamette Valley. This is where the majority of my life had taken place. I dove headfirst into live audio production, played guitar in bands, met my wife, got my first home, and made some awesome friends.

In 2022 My wife and I moved out to Dallas Texas to start our journey as a couple together. My family had moved here a year prior and my wife and I knew that we would move out of the Willamette Valley at some point in our life.

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As Bob McCarthy said, I'm working as a "waveform delivery service."

There is nothing that I want to do more than be the direct translator from the heart of the creator to the listener. Whether that be an artist with heartfelt original music, or a cooperation that is trying to invest in their employees. I believe it is my job to remove as many barriers as possible and let the only limitation in place be the mind of the creator.

For the live event environment that means people shouldn't even know that I exist. At the end of the show if no one had a thought about the audio or gear involved then it was most likely a good show.

For the studio environment, that means an unhindered, low stress creative and collaborative environment, in which the pace is decided by the artist.

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Just in case you wanted the whole story.

Although I love what I get to do as a job, I have many things in my life that I adore much more than being an Audio Human. The first of which is my wife. A talented, beautiful, and kind women that pushes me everyday. No matter how hard the "gig" may be, I know I can look forward to coming home to her and my two dogs.

Our Aussie's name is Tucker (we call him King Tuck), and the Lab mix is a 13 year old named Koko. We got Tucker a month after we got married in 2021, and I've had Koko ever since I was 11 Years old. I could never imagine coming home and not being trampled by two insanely loving dogs.

Lastly, my hobbies include being loud. Whether that's playing Rock 'n Roll guitar or going down the Drag Strip in our Blown Alcohol Front Engine Dragster. 0 - 160 MPH in 3.2 seconds. Yeah it's a rush.

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